Visiting our hospital during COVID-19

With the removal of most of the legal COVID-19 restrictions that have been in place over recent months, and although the positive impact of the vaccination programme is reducing the impact of those infections, at Practice Plus Group we will be maintaining the current safety measures we have in place. This means the continued requirement for patients and staff to wear face masks, whilst observing social distancing and all the other infection control and prevention measures that we have put in place for the safety of all.

Important information for our patients

Impact on appointments

All appointments and surgery are currently going ahead as planned.

Should this change at any time, we will be in touch to discuss your options.

Vaccination and surgery

Please note we do not currently offer COVID-19 vaccinations at our hospital.

If you are awaiting surgery and due to receive, or have recently had, a vaccination, you will need to note the following timings;

Before surgery:

You will not be able to have surgery for 14 days after your COVID-19 vaccination. This does not apply to cataract surgery, however, which is unaffected by vaccination.

After surgery:

You will not be able to have your COVID-19 vaccination for seven days after surgery. This does not apply to cataract surgery, however, which is unaffected by vaccination.

Our COVID-19 safety measures

We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our hospital and are constantly working on ways to ensure that our outstanding record of cleanliness and low infection rates is maintained. We want you to have every confidence in coming to see us when the time is right and patient safety will continue to be our number one priority.

Below you will find information about the measures we are taking to keep everyone safe.

Please note that if you or someone within your household have any symptoms of COVID-19 such as a new cough, loss of taste or smell or a high temperature, you cannot attend the hospital. You should remain at home until your symptoms have passed to avoid any risk to other patients and staff.


We have increased our cleaning routines and removed some ‘high touch point’ equipment such as vending machines and water dispensers.

Hand washing is one of the most important ways for us all to reduce the spread of the virus. All colleagues and patients are required to practice good hand hygiene; we have regular hand wash stops, and guidance on how to wash your hands effectively is visible throughout our building. We have also increased the number of hand sanitising dispensers available and we urge you to use these at every opportunity.

Social distancing

In order for our colleagues and patients to be able to maintain social distancing we have made some important adjustments to our hospital, including; new signage indicating where to sit, stand or walk while social distancing from others, as well as screens to provide a safety barrier between our patients and colleagues. In our waiting rooms we’ve repositioned furniture so that those waiting to be seen can keep a safe distance.

Additionally we are limiting the number of people who are able to enter our building and are exercising a strict hand washing policy, with colleagues and patients wearing appropriate levels of protection at all times. Where possible we have introduced one-way systems.

Virtual assessments

To help reduce the number of people coming to and from our building, we have introduced virtual appointments which mean your assessment can take place via video call or telephone so that you don’t need to leave home unless it’s necessary. We have made the process simple and intuitive to follow so that you can use it with ease. A translator or chaperone can even join the conversation too. If you aren’t able to have a virtual consultation, that’s not a problem; where necessary we can still book face to face appointments. Please just discuss your options with our patient booking team.

COVID-19 testing

All patients are screened for signs and symptoms of infection and patients are advised to self-isolate for an appropriate number of days prior to coming in for their surgery.

As healthcare workers Practice Plus Group staff are eligible for the same testing as NHS colleagues and anyone who shows symptoms of COVID-19 is immediately sent home to self isolate and they are tested without delay.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

To help ensure we remain a COVID-19 secure location – and in line with the latest government advice – patients are required to wear their own non-medical face coverings when visiting us. This can be a mask, scarf or any other fabric face covering that covers your mouth and nose while allowing you to breathe comfortably. If you are unable to provide a face covering from home you will be given a face mask on arrival.

When you come to see us you may notice that some of our colleagues are wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as face masks, aprons or gloves. While this will look strange, please don’t be alarmed; this is to keep everyone safe and means you will be much better protected against the virus.


Visiting is restricted and our preference is for you to use your personal devices to stay in touch with your loved ones during your short stay with us. However, special arrangements can be made to accommodate any specific needs that you or your loved one may have, so please let us know.

If you are being collected after your time with us and that person needs details of your discharge and any follow up care, a colleague will escort you to them and explain everything they need to know from outside the building.

Needing assistance?

If you are being escorted to the hospital, we ask please that your escort should stay in the car and if possible you should check in at the main reception on your own. If you do rely on assistance in order to move safely, then no more than one person may accompany you to the reception desk. Our friendly colleagues will be on hand to help you from reception onwards.

With three routes to treatment, you can trust us to ensure your personal needs are met:

NHS referral
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Pay for yourself
You can pay for treatment directly and benefit from prices lower than other private providers.

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Private medical insurance
We now provide treatment for insured patients. Contact your insurer to find out about your options.

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